If ever there was a match made in heaven, then it would be the Taurus male with the Taurus female. Both being earthy signs share the same values in life and hence there would not be any major frictions in life. Both are found to be very conservative and materialistic and are couch potatoes that they revel in the company of the other without much misunderstandings, not needing any other companion in life.
Taurus Man-Taurus Woman Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Taurus Couples

• Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange

• Jack Nicholson and Candice Bergen

• Melissa Gilbert and Bruce Boxleitner

• Jill Clayburgh and Al Pacino

• Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman

Compatibility for Romance

The Taurus man and the Taurus woman are very down to earth, hence not much romance would be seen displayed externally. However much passion and sexual appeal would be involved in their private lives. The compatibility for romance depends on how both the individuals have things and time in their hand.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Taurus female and the Taurus male make better friends in life because they have a good understanding of each other. They have a common ground to hold onto. However there would be possessiveness which might mar the friendship at times. Each should be beware that they do not hurt the sentiments and the emotional needs of the other for the friendship to survive the test of time.

Compatibility for Marriage

This combination of a Taurus male and a Taurus female are very much compatible for marriage. Both yearn for a stable relationship and a settled life and hence there won't be any major hindrances or hitches in this marriage. Stability and a strong foundation keeps this relationship strong in turbulent times.

Compatibility for Sex

There would be a better level of compatibility for sex in this relationship. For Taurus physical needs are the forte. Hence each one makes sure that he or she satisfies the other both sexually and physically. There would be a good level of openness in this area which further stabilizes and nurtures the relationship.

The End game

There would be a good level of compatibility with this duo that there would be no reason to end the game. However straying and financial issues that might crop up at times might mar the relationship to end the same. But once the line is crossed then there would be no looking back for both. The relationship turns as sour grapes for both involved here when they call off the relationship.

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