These two easily get along with each other because neither of them is too serious about life. They just get along with each other easily. There would be no formal relationship here and they are just happy with the sloppy work that the other does. Each one will not need to pretend to the other and they just hang out together in life. Only the financial area would be their bone of contention. If compromise is made here then the relationship would be bliss.
Taurus Man-Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Sagittarius Couples

• George Clooney and Sarah Larson

• Bing Crosby and Kathryn Grant

Compatibility for Romance

Though much romance would not be found in this combination, those involved would not be too bothered about it either.

They just go with the wind. They love having fun, sex together and just love the company of the other person. There would not be any inhibitions to show their passions. But then it would not be too much of romance here.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Taurus male and the Sagittarius female do not make good friends. Taurus, being an introvert sign is not much interested in pursuing friendship on a deeper level. But the Sagittarius on the other hand likes to be friends with just about anyone coming across. However there would not be any meaningful friendly relationship between this duo. They just like to spend time together but not on a friendly note.

Compatibility for Marriage

This duo make up a compatible married life. However compromise had to be made on the freedom area which is the forte of the Sagittarius woman. Usually the Taurus guy is possessive which might wreak havoc in the relationship. There would not be any hard and fast rule here and each one senses the priority of the other and just keep going. Humour is a common bond that gets them together despite life's occasional issues.

Compatibility for Sex

Sex is a natural physical act for both of them. They like to satisfy the other as much as possible here. Both their intentions would be to have a good time together and there would be no heed to guilt, remorse, hygiene, location and the like. They just take it what the other gives with their whole heart and soul.

The End game

It would be the end of the road for this duo when the Taurus man tries to control and curb the freedom and independence of the Sagittarius female. She would whole-heartedly walk out of the relationship leaving the Taurus with his resources. When the Sag woman has set her foot on greener pastures then there would be no turning back. Rating 6/10