Since both are stubborn signs there would be constant head-locks in this combination. The Leo woman likes to lead the Taurus man but he is not one to yield to her whims and fantasies. He can be taken to greener pastures only if he has his mind set on it. There would be frequent tensions in this relationship. The Taurus man is noted for his huge temper tantrums which the Leo finds very difficult to handle.
Taurus Man-Leo Woman Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Leo Couples

• Orson Welles and Delores Del Rio

• Carlin and Brenda Carlin

• Fred Astaire and Robyn Smith

• Richard Barthelmess and Mary Hay

Compatibility for Romance

The Leo woman craves for romance and passion with high expectation levels. But the Taurus man has very little say in this matter. The least that he can show his romance for her is buying her something costly. He is not noted for showing physical or emotional affection. But then things go on well with some effort by the Leo woman.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Taurus male and the Leo female do not make good friends. The Taurus man is a lazy-go fellow who does not usually heed to the needs of his counterpart. But the Leo woman likes him to follow her every rule in the book. The Taurus man would be best satisfied with a good meal and a good TV show while the Leo woman would be fuming inside. Not a friendly relationship to abide by.

Compatibility for Marriage

Though the Taurus and Leo are stubborn signs, they stick together come what may in life when it comes to marriage. The Taurus man equates life with a bigger bank balance while the Leo woman is more bent on spending it lavishly. There would be constant rifts in the marriage owing to children and course of actions in bringing them up. There would be a constant inner smoldering on the inside but things just keep going in the marriage.

Compatibility for Sex

The Taurus man and the Leo woman make a good combination when it comes to sex. They find much satisfaction in this act together. They just get along easily here as the Leo is noted for passion and the Taurus bull symbolizes fertility. This duo find the going easier here than in any other areas of their lives together.

The End game

When both of them decide to part ways then there would be much wounded feelings to handle. The Taurus usually puts financial problems for the break-up. As both are very stubborn in nature, reconciliation is completely ruled out with this duo. Children, finances and other property deals suffer a lot on account of this. Their possessiveness further aggravates the situation. Rating 6/10