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Scorpio- Virgo Compatibility

Since both are practical and intelligent, this combination will work well. But emotionally these signs are worlds apart, Scorpio has intense feelings, burning desires and is often at the mercy of his or her own emotions, whereas Virgo believes in controlling them. Scorpio is demanding, so will appreciate Virgo's reliable conscientious qualities. If there's one thing that Virgos can't cope with it's dirt. The first catch this couple will come up against is cleanliness. As the Scorpio rushes around turning up the charm and turning down the lights, the Virgo will be on the prowl, checking the dwelling for dust and dirt in every nook and cranny.
Scorpio-Virgo Compatibility
This couple can get on quite well, although they often do better on a familial footing or a business basis. But in the sexual stakes, this could be a short-lived love.

It can be decidedly difficult for the vestal Virgo to sustain the Scorpio's Plutonic passion. Although Virgos belong to the earthy element, making then superbly solid and full of feeling, they are ruled by that Mercury, who makes them much more mentally motivated. As a result, after some sensationally steamy and superbly sensual sessions with their laundered lover, the Virgo may decide it's all a wee bit wearisome.

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