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Scorpio- Taurus Compatibility

These are opposite signs. In love relationship, this factor often brings irresistible physical attraction initially but when it diminishes, the opposite happens unless both have more things in common. Both are jealous and possessive, so mutual trust is essential. Such intense feelings can sometimes bring about a turbulent love-hate friendship. These two signs wave at each other from opposite ends of the zodiac .These two can attract each other like maddened magnets. Taurus is ruled by Venus, who answers for amour and fatal attractions, while Scorpio is ruled by powerful, psychological Pluto and single-mindedly sexy Mars.
Scorpio-Taurus Compatibility
Because these are both fixed folk, their relationship will be fantastically faithful and gorgeously generous.

It'll also be primarily possessive. Both signs want to possess the other, not only physically but also on a more mental level.The wonderful thing is that they both love it. Even when their lake of love is at its lowest level, there's not the slightest suspicion of them separating. There's a rigidity to this relationship, it's intrinsically intransigent and ferociously fixed.

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