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Sagittarius- Taurus Compatibility

Taurus is one of the stable signs and he feels secure when life is settled. His nature is to stay put and be possessive. Sagittarius is restless, enjoys things, far away places, traveling, and need plenty of room both mentally and physically.Too much of this prove very unsettling for Taurus. But true love can still manage to transcend all these differences.Unless someone gives them a stepladder, they'll never be able to meet in the middle.
Sagittarius-Taurus Compatibility
These two have a completely contrary way of looking at life.Taureans are creatures of habit and often actions speak louder than words for these strong and silent types. But Sagittarius have a love affair with language and ideas. They can suddenly become enthralled in a thought and want to rush off and put it into practice then and there. As far as the bovine bulls are concerned, that's is the most impractical thing they've ever heard of.

Sagittarius Man & Taurus Woman Compatibility
Sagittarius Woman & Taurus Man Compatibility

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