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Pisces- Aries Compatibility

Entirely different planets are ruling in nature in this combination. They are worlds apart and it will be difficult to find common grounds. Positive, active , Aries cannot fathom the nebulous, mysterious substance of Pisces who often irritates by appearing to be negative or indecisive.
Pisces-Aries Compatibility
Even if they end up hating the sight of each other, they'll still have a potently passionate peccadillo in the meantime. Pisceans love erotic, exotic fantasies and have a penchant for hatching up a playful plot or two. The arian's love a good game, so they could be just the ones to join in for a Pisces. n a close relationship, though, their different desires could clash.The fishy feeling for romance at every turn could conflict with the Arian aim of doing their own thing.

Pisces Man & Aries Woman Compatibility
Pisces Woman & Aries Man Compatibility

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