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Libra and Leo Compatibility

Since both signs enjoy life, they will share a lot of happy times. Libra, who likes to keep things balanced, may think Leo to be lavish, extravagant or flamboyant. Leo likes to be the boss. Libra gets things done through tact and manipulation. Love makes the world go round even faster and more furiously than ever when cupid sets his sights on a luscious Libran and a lovely Lion and brings them together with his arrow of amour.When the two signs of love meet for a romantic rendezvous it'll be love all the way.
Libra-Leo Compatibility
This couple will tug at each other's heartstrings and play a merry melody. They'll discover that they have stacks of stuff in common.They're both barmy about beautiful things. Music will gush out at all hours of the day and night and their walk-in wardrobes will be bursting with all kinds of clothes. The airy element of the liberated Libran will fan the flames of the fire of loving Leo, causing a beautiful blaze that will caress the cockles of their huge hearts. Because these friendly feline folk are fixed , the Leo will be able to temper the extravagance of his airy friend.

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