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Leo and Virgo Compatibility

Leo is an extrovert, rash and dominates whereas Virgo is modest, retiring and more inclined to be subservient. The success or failure depends on which side the male or female is. In business, it is better for Leo to lead and Virgo to follow. Leo's ardent emotions can overwhelm self-controlled Virgo but the latter seldom actually shows it. Leos are larger than life, being gorgeously grandiose and generous and wonderfully wide-ranging. But Virgoans deal with the details of life, analyzing all that they can and looking for perfection in everything they encounter.
Leo-Virgo Compatibility
If the Leo has Venus in Virgo and the Virgo their planet of love-Venus in Leo , than these lovers are laughing all the way to the altar. Even if the stars aren't on their side like that, though, they can still come up with a winning combination if they're willing to give and take. Otherwise the precise and pedantic approach of their Virgoan valentine will take the Leo feel oppressed and depressed. That Virgoan need for having everything in it's proper place could intensely irritate the Leo, who doesn't always do everything by the book. The heat of a Leo love can burn a bit too brightly for a vestal Virgo, who's fair-skinned when it comes to sex. This mercurial man or maiden can suffer severe sunburn when exposed to the romantic rays of a Leo lover and they may insist on turning down the temperature of touch and sex.

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