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Leo- Scorpio Compatibility

These two powerfully strong-willed signs can prove excellent unless either tries to control or dominate the other. There is no limit to what they achieve if their goals coincide and they strive together. Leo frank and open, will not understand Scorpio's secret, subtle maneuver and Leo often will disapprove of them. Leo is a symbol of true love. The 'S' in Scorpio stands for sex. If that love and sex are put together you've got a winning combination; and it's bingo every time.
Leo-Scorpio Compatibility
Both of these adamant amours wants to dominate the other, in their one sweet way. Leos operate overtly, making no bones about being the boss while Scorpios scheme secretly behind the scenes, plotting and planning psychological parlor games. The moment the quest for power becomes paramount, both partners will use their secret weapon-sex. If love is to last, these two have both got to learn to give way more and not be so incredibly intransigent.

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