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Gemini- Pisces Compatibility

This combination has a great difference in outlook and nature. Pisces is imaginative, dreamy and sensitive and lives by feelings, emotions, impression and intuition. Gemini is logical, factual and mentally oriented. However, both signs are reasonably adaptable and tolerant of other people's ideas, so although they will very seldom understand each other's driving force, they usually will accept it. Gemini is practical, quick and efficient whereas Pisces often dithers or is irritatingly indecisive.There's a lot of pain for this pair if they don't try to swim in the same style.

Gemini-Pisces Compatibility
They'll need more than a coastguard to rescue them if the fish is floating along, lapped by the waves and reveling in a watery reverie. Although these two feel a fatal fascination for each other, they find it difficult to communicate.They can't even watch television together. The fish will be hidden behind a whole handful of hankies while watching a weepy soap, but the twin will be listening to music on headphones while reading a book.

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