Virgo is methodical, careful, controlled and analytical. Fiery Capricorn is impulsive, quick, independent and sometimes reckless and extravagant.The fiery Capricorn and the earthy Virgoan are both mutable, which means that they're both constantly on the lookout for change and ways of improving themselves.
If they're negative, they'll both believe in change for change's sake, which won't but if they're both positive people, this could be a combo that's top of the pops.The Virgoan will want to better himself and prance along the path to perfection, while the Capricorn will be high-minded, philosophical and constantly on the search for new knowledge.

Capricorn-Virgo Compatibility

They both appreciate the practical side of life and work. Both are conscientious, with a strong sense of duty and responsibility and both are well matched for business and practical matters but there could be lack of feelings, warm emotions and a romantic sparkle. Capricorn admires the systematic, methodical, self-contained and logical ways. Virgoans make you feel that anything is possible. When a Capricorn meets a Virgo maiden who says service is her middle name, it's amazing. Most Capricorn people are imbued with ambition and want to get to the top of their life in some way or other.They want to be big in business and a Virgo is just the lass to help this Capricorn achieve his/her heart's desire.

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