This is one of the best matches in the zodiac combinations that the duo enjoy each other's company very well. There would be a better understanding of each others desires and needs. The Capricorn man would provide her with all the material resources and security needed in life while she would help him to climb the corporate leader by her support.
As both are earthy signs there would be much commitment and loyalty. The duo usually get married and settle down with children in life. They serve as the pillars of the society they are in. There would be a sense of duty, loyalty and security with this pair.

Virgo Woman-Capricorn Man Compatibility

Famous Virgo-Capricorn Couple

• Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart

• Rachel Hunter and Rod Stewart

Compatibility for Romance

The Virgo female and her Capricorn partner have better compatibility when romance and passion are under question.

Though romance is involved, there would be no explicit showy scenes. The Virgo woman would be very patient with her Capricorn partner even if he is not ready to splurge on her. He on the other hand would relish every moment he has with her in life.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Virgo girl and the Capricorn lad make a compatible comradeship in life. Though they are good being to themselves they make good friends when they come together. They share much integrity and responsibility as a single entity.

Compatibility for Marriage

A Virgo female and a Capricorn male constitute a happy and compatible marriage. Usually a decent relationship or dating ends in marriage for this duo. They set up rules for him and her and follow everything meticulously down to the last word of the rule- book.

Compatibility for Sex

The Virgo girl and her Capricorn partner share a good amount of compatibility when having sex. Being earthy signs there would be no lack here in this area. Both quantity and quality would be met here. The duo just indulge when they feel like then and there. They have no restrictions when it comes to sex. Indulgence would be the key.

The End game

A Virgo female and a Capricorn male just carry on with their relationship even under tumultous conditions. If it is to be ended it would have to do with the Virgo girl only. Because the Capricorn guy very well knows that he cannot count on anybody else than his Virgo girl 'cause she can only make him perfect. He would be much remorseful and disoriented when the separation happens practically. Rating 10/10