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Capricorn- Taurus Compatibility

Both are security conscious.Taurus will always appreciate Capricorn's practical attitude, perseverance, realistic approach and ambition. Both are conservative, patient and willing to share responsibility. Neither believes in superficial pleasures, so life could be just too serious at times.These two are a whiz when it comes to all matters monetary , as well as romantic concerns. It really will be a case of two minds working as one when a bull and a goat get together.
Capricorn-Taurus Compatibility
After all, what the Taurean wants most out of life is to be safe and secure and as comfortable as possible in their abode. And the Capricorn is striving to make as much money as they can and receive all the recognition and rewards that they feel they deserve. The gorgeous goats are supposed always to know exactly how much money they own, down to the last penny, but you mustn't forget that it's the bulls, who are the sign of money and possessions. But don't think that that makes them misers.They want lots of loot, not for itself, but for all the beautiful possessions it can buy.When they're surrounded on all sides by objects they own, they'll feel safe, secure and snug as a bug.

Capricorn Man & Taurus Woman Compatibility
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