The Taurus man and a Capricorn woman are very much compatible to lead a happy life together. There would be intense passion, romance, secrets and emotions involved here. They share mutual trust and respect and there would be security in this relationship. It would be deeply rooted in love and loyalty. Together they make a happy home which would be conducive for children to grow in.
Both have conservative thought and resource-linked ideals in life. The duo serve as a conduit through which the waters of love of the family flow through un-hindered.

Taurus Man-Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Famous Taurus-Capricorn Couples

• Al Pacino and Diane Keaton

• Gabriel Byrne and Julia Ormand

• Wlliam Randolph Hearst and Marion Davies

Compatibility for Romance

The Taurus man and the Capricorn

woman are not interested in demonstrating their romance and passion to each other or to the outside world. They think this as a waste of time and energy. They try to avoid this at all costs, but then they have their own private time to cuddle in each other's hands.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Taurus male and a Capricorn female make good friends for life. They would be true, loyal and devoted to each other. They stand together against the winds of change and would be difficult to separate in times of turbulences.

Compatibility for Marriage

This is one of the stable relationship for marriage. Both believe in the institution of marriage and are very compatible through the thick and thin of life. The relationship matures with time. Their conservative nature and religious-bent make them to stick together. Together they build a beautiful home with a strong foundation that can stand the test of time.

Compatibility for Sex

Since both are very conservative, Sex would be a taboo item to talk or discuss about. Though they have it as a part of life as a strong foundation of their love life, there would not be any out- of- the- box experiences in this area. They are more bent on the other aspects of life that sex takes the backseat more often.

The End game

This is one combination where the split would have gruesome after-effects. The after-shocks linger on for years together. The Taurus woman fights for control of material possessions. Later on children would be the bone of contention. Mutual friends and relatives would become an eye-sore for them. Reconciliation is ruled out for this duo. Rating 9/10