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Capricorn- Leo Compatibility

In a long run Leo could feel hemmed in or restricted by Capricorn who, in turn, will feel that Leo's ways are extravagant or demonstrative. Leo likes to live life to the full, whereas capricorn being too cautious and conservative, likes to plan for the future. Capricorn, emotionally reserved and fairly undemonstrative, seldom realizes that Leos will feel starved unless given lots of love, affection and appreciation.This pairing is like summer and winter getting together and this can make the temperature go up and down.
Capricorn-Leo Compatibility
These two can respect each other enormously when they're both embroiled in a business relationship.The lively Leo will be fabulously flamboyant and winning orders galore, while the canny Capricorn will be in the background. If love is to last, these two have both got to learn to give way more and not be so incredibly intransigent. Just as long as this pair practice powerful passion and not passionate power, they should have a whale of a time. There should be no intruders into their private area.

Capricorn Man & Leo Woman Compatibility
Capricorn Woman & Leo Man Compatibility

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