There would be medium level of compatibility between a Leo woman and a Capricorn man. The Leo woman loves limelight and is dominating while the Capricorn man is an introvert who likes to have a low-key affair. His life would be according to the rulebook but the Leo girl is one to break all rules in life. But the Leo girl's determination and the Cap guy's commitment would take the relationship for long.
If each of them takes the other as an asset in life then there would be bliss with this combo.

Leo Woman-Capricorn Man Compatibility

Famous Leo-Capricorn Couple

• Connie Chung and Maury Povich

• Iman and David Bowie

• Gracie Allen and George Burns

• Jacqueline Kennedy and Ari Onassis

Compatibility for Romance

There would be much compatibility when it comes to romance and passion with this duo. The erotic Leo girl and the lusty Cap guy just gel with each other in this area. Though the Cap guy is not too romantic and does not display affection in public the Leo girl brings him out to the fore.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Leo woman and the Capricorn man make great friends in life. They are so compatible as friends that they do not let other friends come in their way. Mutual interests keep them together for long.

Compatibility for Marriage

The Leo female and the Capricorn male are very much compatible in marriage. This will continue as long as the Capricorn guy is ambitious and the Leo girl maintains her class in life. They would follow a strict regimen in their marital life that compatibility is always maintained in the relationship.

Compatibility for Sex

There would be much compatibility when the Leo woman and the Capricorn guy are engaged in sex. The Leo girl is sexual and romantic and the Cap guy is sensual and sex would be a satisfying act if both of them come out of their comfort zone to cater to the physical needs of the other.

The End game

When things turn sour with this pair then the end turns too ugly. Even those around this duo find that the couple are way too far in their behavior. They wash their dirty linen in public. Leo would be aggressive to getting her share of mutual resources while the Capricorn guy fights for his rightful share. Generally this would be a long-lasting fight for the might. Rating 8/10