Between a Cancer woman and a Sagittarius man better compatibility would exist. But then the Cancer woman might find it difficult to understand the Sagittarius man's adventurous personality. She needs constant reassurance which would not be met by her partner. However if both of them feel secured in the relationship then it would be great.
The Cancer woman would provide the feminine approach and he the masculinity to the combination. Life would be creative and resourceful for this pair. Particularly they complement their artistic pursuits.

Cancer Woman-Sagittarius Man Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Sagittarius Couple

• Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Compatibility for Romance

The Cancer woman and a Sagittarius man share greater compatibility in romance and passion.The Sag guy is know for his courting and she in turn would be a great audience for him.

They share much passion about life and their future together. Also the intentions would be true to the book. The duo are known to be loyal and committed to the core.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Cancer woman and a Sagittarius guy make best friends for every one outside their relationship. Hence they need not be great friends for each other. They live life to the fullest and look at the brighter side of life together.

Compatibility for Marriage

The compatibility for marriage between the Cancer woman and a Sag guy would be just great. Both are creative, friendly, share mutual friends and hence the relationship is sure to grow with time. They love to spend time together understanding the culture and traditions of various people and countries, particularly love to travel a lot.

Compatibility for Sex

Sex would be compatible with this pair. Both of them have great feelings and sensuous nature that sex comes naturally to them. They would be open to discuss anything to related with sex or physical intimacy. These are two consenting adults on the prowl. There would be no strings attached!!

The End game

The relationship between a Cancer woman and a Sagittarius guy is never going to end but then if it has to then it would be a low-key affair. Both of them fully understand the need of the other one in life. After the split, the Sagittarius guy usually goes off for social or charity works while the Cancer girl would just stay at home and linger on with the great moments they shared together. 10/10