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Cancer- Libra Compatibility

Cancer is easily hurt, unless the peace-loving Libra is provoked. Libra will appreciate Cancer's natural desire to love, and protect but sometimes will impose on the Cancerian's desire to give. Due to excess of emotions of Cancer, Libra's balance between emotions and reasons may be disturbed. The secret of heavenly happiness comes from complete captivating communication. When each half of a partnership is receiving those sexy signals loud and clear on their romantic receivers, the airwaves of amour will be pulsating with pleasure.

Cancer-Libra Compatibility
A Cancer girl cannot get well with a Libran man. She would be always nagging and crying an dfull of emotions. But the Libran man needs some peace and happiness that he shall go out in serach of true love.Oddly enough, things take a turn for the better when the sexes are swapped.

Cancer Man & Libra Woman Compatibility
Cancer Woman & Libra Man Compatibility

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