This combination has an immediate attraction but the duo has to put in much effort and commitment for the relationship to survive. Aries female is full of energy and vigor while the Cancer male would be homely. The Aries woman cannot fathom the frequent mood changes of the Cancer male. Both of them are very stubborn and only if one tries to bend then the relationship can keep going.
But much of devotion would be seen here. They make good parents and the only negative is when the question of who is the boss arises.

Aries Woman-Cancer Man Compatibility

Famous Aries-Cancer Couple

• Betty and Gerald Ford

•Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley

•Marsha Mason and Neil Simon

Compatibility for Romance

There would not be much romance and passion involved in this relationship.

However lot of devotion and meeting the other one's needs might be seen. The cancer Male makes sure that the Aries female gets what she wants in life, showering her with materialistic things and a secured atmosphere. Over the course of time some amount of romance might build up here.

Compatibility for Friendship

A sincere friendship can be seen in this combination. They walk hand in hand, at the same time giving each other the much wanted privacy as well. The Aries' courage and Cancer's need for cover go hand in hand. Much loyalty can be expected with this duo.

Compatibility for Marriage

This is a good combination for marriage. They bring out the best in each other and at the same time make good parents. Much kindness and patience a requisite for long lasting marriage and relationship is found here.

Compatibility for Sex

Sex involves a lot of touching and playfulness in this combination. Much foreplay would be involved. Also the duo linger long in each other's shoulders for long even after the act.

The End game

It is just that the Aries female might bring the relationship to a sudden halt when things go wrong. It would be an impulsive action. However the Cancer man clings to her as much as possible, because he is on the lookout for security in life. Usually the Aries female brings the curtains down all of a sudden without any prior notice that the Cancer male finds it hard to digest and move on in life, that he withdraws to his inner shell. Rating 8/10