Aries Friendship Compatibility

Aries natives generally make best friends for life. You connect with others easily and is more than willing to help them to achieve their gaols and takes risks in life.

You seek interesting friends in life and also make sure that they are helpful to you in one way or the other. Being ruled by Mars you have strength and solidarity to take care of your friends.

Aries as a friend however cannot stand to be second to anyone. They would be bossy with their friends. At times would be selfish and jealous as well. Gets offended easily. They need constant change and stimulation, else they might switch friends.

Aries friendship compatibility: Aries can get along with almost all the signs, but can struggle with Scorpio and Virgo. Relationships with Capricorn, Libra or Cancer can go either way.

Aries are Friendly with: Gemini Gemini, Aquarius Aquarius, Leo Leo and Sagittarius Sagittarius.

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