The Aries man is much unstable which makes life difficult for the Cancer woman. He would be sharp in his words which might not go well with her. The Cancer woman likes a cozy nest where both can spend time together but the Aries man likes to get admiring looks from the opposite sex outside his world. If the Aries man would give her the emotional backing and if the Cancer woman would give him the much needed freedom then this would be the best duo.
Aries Man-Cancer Woman Compatibility

Famous Aries-Cancer Couples

• Ewan McGregor and Eve Mavrakis,

• Warren Beatty and Carly Simon

Compatibility for Romance

The Aries man is a highly romantic character and he would bring much romance and passion in the relationship. The Cancer female would be equally receptive to the romantic moves of the Gemini man.

Compatibility for Friendship

This combination does not make good friends in life. The Aries male would be more of an androgen version and the Cancer female would be more of a feminine character that friendship does not work well here.

Compatibility for Marriage

This Aries man with Cancer woman are more compatible for marriage and its aftermath. Provided they have the true zodiac traits of an Aries and Cancer. Also things would work out well if the Cancer woman is much younger than her partner.

Compatibility for Sex

Sex out of marriage is ruled out in this combination. It would be more of a formal affair. The Cancer female would be very demure while the Aries man waits for her to turn him on. They do not venture into unknown territory in this area, as both take it as a ritual rather than an entertainment.

The End game

Even when things go wrong, the Aries man makes sure that the Cancer woman has a secured future. One of the best known male partner among the counterparts. Rating 10/10