Fiery Aries with Earthy Taurus is not an easy combination. Since the needs and nature of these signs are so different, there will be difficulties without compromise. Aries needs the stimulus of new enterprises or challenges but Taurus prefers quiet stability. Aries becomes impatient while the Taurus person has slowness and stay-put attitude.

When a bull and a ram ask each other for the next dance ,the taurean will want to glide gracefully around in a leisurely way, while the Arian will soon get fed up with that and try to propel their partner round the floor in a combination of quickstep.

Aries-Taurus Compatibility
Arians like to do things at the double and demonstrate that they're daring and dangerous and wackily witty.Taureans, on the other hand prefer to live at their own pace and they're much more pragmatic, prosaic and practical than their bouncy buddies. These two can cook up a lip-smacking relationship if they can find a balance between their two natures. They must try to understand each other's temperaments, which are desperately different. Impatient Arians always want things done yesterday, whereas bovine bulls plan for tomorrow. Life can be lovely when the beauty of a bullette attracts an arian home.

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