Fiery Aries with fiery Sagittarius does not conflict. Both are independent, aND there must be some freedom. Sagittarius encourages enthusiastic outlook and honesty. Neither will tolerate the other being the boss. This couple will dance a fabulous fiery number that will warm both their hearts.

They've got lots in common and will exude excitement and energy in delicious doses. Everything this couple do will be full of feeling and endowed with enthusiasm and their relationship will be overflowing with optimism.

Aries-Sagittarius Compatibility
If one of these folk feels down in the dumps, the other one will buck them up. They'll help each other out of any trials and tribulations they may tumble into and if times get truly tough, they'll stand by each other without a word of complaint. Life will be marvellous when cupid brings together an adventurous Arian man and a stunning Sagittarian girl, but their bank balance could hit rock bottom faster .This couple should do everything in the world together expect the shopping, because they'll both get so carried away that they could end up carrying out the whole shop.These two can be gorgeously grandiose and thoroughly theatrical. Both of them will be attracted by far away places with strange-sounding names, too and if they don't decide to live abroad, they'll always be off on travelling trips.

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