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Aquarius- Scorpio Compatibility

Both are strong willed and determined, so if they can channel their combined forces into a common goal, great achievements are possible.Scorpio is intensely emotional and naturally passionate whereas Aquarius likes to feel free to share interests with many people. If Scorpio dominates there can be a clash and the rift ensures that the Aquarius can separate quickly.
Aquarius-Scorpio Compatibility
Scorpio takes love as an intensely personal matter whereas Aquarius treats it as universal love. Unless this difference is understood clearly between the two, Scorpio will feel that Aquarius is too impersonal and detached and their combination will not flourish. Astrologically speaking,all they have in common is their fixed signs,but putting the elements of fixed water and air together and we get a cold ice relationship. Even if this twosome tirade all the time at home, from dawn to dusk or never utter a peep and sleep in separate rooms,they'll present a united front to the world. After a day of toil the Scorpio likes to slump down a cozy bed whereas the Aqaurian likes to go fishing.

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