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Aquarius- Cancer Compatibility

Cancer's sensitive feelings and clinging emotions can disturb the Aquarian who needs time for independent and detached action. In a way aquarius is universal rather than a personal lover who likes to share interests and affections with friends and humanity. Surprisingly enough,this couple can be charming chums. Actually, Aquarians are nearly always better as buddies than as partners in passion and that captivating Cancerian quality of caring and cosseting makes them fantastic friends.They are deliciously diligent towards their nearest and dearest and the Aquarian will enjoy it when the Crab's protective hands come on. Whenever they get together, it'll be one long laugh.
Aquarius-Cancer Compatibility
fact, Crabs are such sensitive shellfish that they'll be bothered and bewildered by the romantic reputation of their unorthodox Aquarian counterpart.

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