There would be better compatibility between a Cancer man and an Aquarius woman but the long term prospects are to be questioned. The Caner man is more interested in security and commitment while the Aquarius girl keeps everything easy. He needs too much emotional attachment which would not be met by the Aquarius girl.
This can be a positive relationship if both understand his or her role in the relationship clearly. The Cancer guy is home-bound while the Aquarius girl is after intellectual stimulation. He would give the protection for the partner while she would be bold enough to take decisions on their behalf. Both are more interested in a conventional lifestyle and hence better compatibility can be seen in this relationship for long.

Cancer Man-Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Aquarius Couples

• Nancy Davis and Ronald Reagan

• Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood

• Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow

Compatibility for Romance

There would be a greater level of compatibility when it is romance and passion which are under question. Something more than romance exists here with this duo. They have the right type of bond that is beyond personal imagination and comes from the higher echelons of an emotional plane.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Cancer male and the Aquarius female make great compatible friends for life. This is because there is no clash of egos here and they are devoted to the well being of the other half. They are selfless personalities and hence comradeship flows easily here with this duo.

Compatibility for Marriage

The Cancer man and an Aquarius woman share a compatible marriage for long. The nurturing Cancer keeps the relationship going while the Aquarius girl sticks to loyalty. They believe in the institution of marriage. The Cancer guy takes care of the home and gives his partner more than the needed does of affection and love. The Aquarius girl finds just the right partner who does everything for her in the Cancer man. But to the outside world, the relationship looks unlikely to last long.

Compatibility for Sex

Sex would be a perfectly compatible act with this pair. It is a very soulful and holy task for this duo. They take it as a way of perfect bonding and exchange of senses. Their mental and physical self just merges together in a perfect communion.

The End game

The end of the road is unlikely to be seen if both of them are committed and secured to the relationship. But then if one of them topples the balance then it is the end of the road. The Cancer guy complains about the Aquarius girl of not being a good woman for the house while she complains him of being too much clingy and poky into her personal matters. 9/10