The compatibility shared between a Cancer woman and an Aquarius man would not be that great. This is because they are completely opposite signs. The Aquarius guy's too many friendships and his sense of freedom just cannot be digested by the Cancer girl easily. She would be much sensitive and emotional that the Aquarius guy cannot decipher. Reconciliation would be a tough task with this duo.
For the Cancer woman the world is just her small home but for the Aquarius guy it would be universal. If the Cancer woman would just tend to the homely needs and he caters to the money-making side involving the outer world then there would be goodness in this combination. Else there would be conflicts in this relationship more often than expected.

Cancer Woman-Aquarius Man Compatibility

Famous Cancer-Aquarius Couple

• Nancy and Ronald Reagan

• Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner

• Anne Morrow and Charles Lindbergh

Compatibility for Romance

There would be greater compatibility between the Cancer woman and the Aquarius man.

This is because both play their gender roles appropriately. The Cancer woman would be home-bound while the Aquarius guy solves her in-security issues. The Cancer girl brings out the passionate nature of the Aquarius guy to the fore.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Cancer woman and the Aquarius man are not compatible enough for a friendly relationship. This is because the Cancer lady is more interested in homely ties like a mother, sister, etc. The Aquarius guy though friendly does not fit in here. Both of them do not have the tactics and diplomacy needed for maintaining friendly relations with each other. Moreover they have a serious relationship far more superior to being just friends.

Compatibility for Marriage

The Cancer woman and the Aquarius man have greater compatibility in their married life. They make an ideal married couple taking care of their children and nurturing them. The Aquarius man would be much career-oriented. There would be much security found in this relationship. The open-nature of the Aquarius guy keeps the relationship going and the duo enjoy greater rapport with each other in the marriage.

Compatibility for Sex

The Cancer woman and her Aquarius partner share greater compatibility in having sex. They get their emotional strength boosted up here. The Aquarius guy would be satisfied well by her. Many intimate moments, cuddling and foreplay could be found here.

The End game

The relationship between a Cancer woman and an Aquarius man would be worthwhile that would not suffer an end. But then if luck would have it then the end would be happen. It is the Cancer woman who suffers a lot waiting for the Aquarius guy to return back to her. 6/10