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Aquarius- Aries Compatibility

Aries and Aquarius are compatible. Both can generate tremendous power, so much will depend on whether it is used constructively. Aquarius will not dampen the initiative and independence of Aries, while Aries appreciates such friends. Aries loves anything new, is interested in the Aquarian's offbeat ways.But if Aquarius becomes unpredictable at an appropriate time, Aries will be irritated and impatient.There is something of the school pal air to this twosome, even if they only meet for the first time.They are nicely naughty and more than a mite mischievous when they team up and they'll keep each other forever young at heart.
Aquarius-Aries Compatibility
The fun and fire of the Aries Ram will really appeal to a mentally motivated Aquarian, who loves the verve and vitality that the Arian can offer. And because they're ruled by the unconventional Uranus, the Arian can always depend on their Aquarian pal to do something divine and different and act on impulse. Neither of them will be tormented by the green eye of jealousy about what the other one could be up to.

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