This is a relationship where the Aquarius woman does most of the managing. She takes in the impulsive and arrogant ways of the Aries man and converts them into kinder acts. This is one pair that would not get bored at any time in life. The passionate Aries and the freedom-loving Aquarius just complement each other in life. For the relationship to survive compromises would be the key.
Aries Man-Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Famous Aries-Aquarius Couples

• Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston

Compatibility for Romance

The Aries man and the Aquarius woman in the relationship do not know much about romance and commitment. The Aquarius undoubtedly has nothing to do with passion while the excited Aries usually settles down with an uneventful Aquarius in a relationship.

Compatibility for Friendship

The Aries man and the Aquarius woman find it hard to find any other reliable friend for life and hence settle down with this partner. Both being loners, they gel easily. A huge amount of trust and honesty would also be involved here.

Compatibility for Marriage

This is one combination that is not much compatible for marriage. Usually it would be disrupted and there would be no way for rapprochement here. The Aquarius female would not have much commitment to the institution of marriage. Though the Aries is committed he would find the going tough with his partner in marriage.

Compatibility for Sex

This relationship has lots of fights and rifts and ultimately it would end in a sexual encounter. Sex becomes a way of resolve here in this duo. When it comes to rules there is not hard and fast rule in this combination over this act.

The End game

There would be misunderstandings, fights and rifts all through the relationship. It would start with a bang, there would be lots of bloodshed and then the relationship would experience an eerie calmness culminating in the endgame of the final split. Rating 4/10