Chinese Snake Horoscope

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In this year of the Rooster, emotions and feelings would hold the sway for Snake personalities. Hence natives are advised not to go with it, instead let practicality take over the reigns for goodness in life. Work hard so that you would come out successful through the year. Make sure that others do not pull you down the ladder in your personal and professional life.

Have your own say when it comes to relationships. Love all, but beware of your own needs too for the year ahead.


Career is an area where the performance of Snake natives would be quite phenomenal in the year of the Rooster. You would be able to accomplish more than what you have anticipated. Talk your mind to your higher-ups and peers when the situations warrants it. This is also a good time to skip jobs if you are willing. Some boredom and stagnation can be expected in the career field around the middle of 2017. However commitment and aggressive guts would help you to ward off this and climb to the higher echelons of your profession. An exciting phase awaits Snake people around the end of the year.


The financial status or standing of Snake people would be far from satisfactory for the year of the Rooster. You would be having your hands full all through the year. But then you use your finances constructively for good purposes. Pay off your debts and allocate some funds for pleasure and recreations. The rest can be saved wisely for emergency and future plans. Be prepared to tackle unwanted expenses that might creep in occasionally.


The year of the Rooster promises good tidings in the field of love for Snake people. Your social life would get a big boost this year. Your emotions and sensuous moves would help you to find the ideal partner for life. Romance and conjugal bliss are assured all through the year for the Snake natives. Those already in a relationship would be able to tie the knot, and those married can aim for conception. Sharing your feelings with partner would be able to break the ice for now. For the year ahead, you would be able to spend ample time with your love interest. Listen to their heart too..


Accidents and periodic health issues are likely to haunt Snake natives through the year of the Rooster. But then you would be able to come out unharmed if health is taken care properly. Keep a strict vigil over your diet and exercise. Do not overdo anything that might have serious repercussions on your health in general. Positive moves and an optimistic approach would go a long way in blessing you with physical and mental health all through this year. Socializing would also work wonders in your life for now. Live motivated and motivate others in the process as well.