Animal Sign– snake

The Snake is a curious mix of gregariousness paired with introspection.By nature they are generous and genteel, charming and appealing. Financially,they are considered to be lucky with money and will generally have more than enough to live life to the fullest.Socially,snakes tend to hang

back a bit in order to analyze a situation before jumping into it. Their charming, seductive quality actually belies a rather retiring nature; this Sign is perfectly happy to spend the whole day curled up with a good book.

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Domestically, the Snake is somewhat insecure deep down and tend to be a rather jealous, possessive lover, behavior that can end up alienating loved ones. Despite this Snake often proves irresistible and is a generous, loving partner.Intellectually,the Snake's philosophical mind generally supersedes logic in favor of feelings and instinct.They are adept at decision making, so they rarely turn to others for suggestions.Snakes are hard workers and are possessed of a keen intelligence. Snakes have incredible follow-through, once they get going, and they expect the same from others.In general, of course,Snakes must try to learn humility and to develop a stronger sense of self. Once Snakes realize that confidence comes from within, they will finally be comfortable in their own skin