Animal Sign– Ox

Steadfastness and reliability are the hall mark of th ox.They are very dependable and possess an inate ability to do great deeds.Their main asset is their ability to work systematically and they always try to achieve their goal despite all odds. Socially,The oxen are perceived as being far too serious and reserved .

The Oxen tend to be stubborn, dogmatic,my-way-is-the-rightway kind of people who have no concept of when to back down.

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Animal Sign - Ox

They are not bothered with what other people think and

prefer to do what makes them feel best . As a lover,friend,

family member or housemate, the Ox makes a wonderfully

strong,tender and affectionate companion who is protective

and always reliable.It would be better if the Oxen

overcomes a judgmental nature that keeps them from

getting close to others. If they can learn to value their own good qualities,

they'll have more room in their hearts for others.

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