Snake– Celebrities

The Snake is a curious mix of gregariousness paired with introspection.By nature they are generous and genteel, charming and appealing. Financially,they are considered to be lucky with money and will generally have more than enough to live life to the fullest.Socially,snakes tend to hang back a bit in order to analyze a situation before jumping into it.

Their charming, seductive quality actually belies a rather retiring nature; this Sign is perfectly happy to spend the whole day curled up with a good book.

Fiona Apple
Pierce Brosnan
Charlie Sheen
John Malkovich
Courtney Love
Tim Allen
Howard Stern
Mickey Rourke
Mike Oldfield
Linda McCartney
Jaqueline Onassis
Aristotle Onassis
Ryan O'Neal
Kim Basinger
Maya Angelou
Oprah Winfrey
Johannes Brahms
Franz Schubert
Abraham Lincoln
Edgar Allan Poe
King Hassan
Indira Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi
Howard Hughes
Bob Dylan
Rev. Jesse Jackson
John F. Kennedy
J. Paul Getty
Mao Tse–tung
Princess Rainier
Greta Garbo
Mary Pickford
Dorothy Parker
Jack Higgins
Andre Previn
Pablo Picasso
Martin Luther King Jr
Queen Astrid
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Chubby Checker
Dizzy Gillespie
W.E. Gladstone