Scorpio Health Horoscope 2023

Scorpios would command good health and cheer for the year ahead. As your Ascendant house stands to get the 8th house aspect of Jupiter and the 10th house aspect of Saturn, you would be in good shape. There would be good energy levels and your immunity would also be quite commendable for the seasons.

However with the transit of Jupiter after the first quarter of the year, natives are likely to suffer from adverse health conditions.

Particularly issues related to the digestive system are likely to arise. Natives are advised to stay away from spicy fast food items and it is better they resort to home-cooked food. Saturn would make sure that there are no major impacts for Scorpios this year.

•  Year 2023 would be a fairly good year for the health prospects of Scorpios.

•  But then the fiery planet Mars being your ruling planet would give you an exciting and impulsive spirit that consumes much of your energy and it might wear you down.

•  Therefore natives are asked to take occasional breaks to rest and rejuvenate.

•  The waxing and the waning of the Moon would be affecting the emotional health of some Scorpios through this period.

•  Scorpios with chronic health issues would see some betterment these days.

•  There are no direct impacts or malefic aspects on your 6th house of general health, hence health would be mediocre for the year.

•  Seek medical help when you feel any symptoms, especially with contagious health issues.

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