Pisces Love And Marriage Horoscope 2023

For the year ahead, Venus, the planet of love would ensure that you travel your path of love and marriage unhindered. Even long distant relationships would work out in your favour these days. You would be consistently hooked up with a partner and there would be no flirting or straying on the part of the natives. You would regain the love and confidence of your partner after some troubled periods occasionally. Mars also makes sure that your love life or marriage is serene and calm without much fireworks.

Be sure to entice your partner by means of small romantic moves here and there. Do not annoy or avoid them, give them their due share of space and freedom as well. There would be no major disruptions in the love life or marriage of Pisces folks this year. However you need to work out and be committed for goodness in this area all this year. All lax moves on your part and your love would be in jeopardy.

•  This would be a wonderful period in the love and marriage life of Pisces people.

•  Single Pisces guys would be finding their suitable partner this year and the married ones would have a smooth ride.

•  Occasional misunderstandings might arise with partner resulting in temporary separation as well at times.

•  Do not let any third person including a parent to interfere in your personal relationship, it would mar the same.

•  Through the year, your professional commitments might endanger your personal relationship, try to maintain a good balance between the two.

•  The non-committed Pisces natives would feel the pressure to get settled down, however you might have troubles.

•  For some of you, all old friend or acquaintance might come back into your fold and cause troubles, beware- not a time to let them in.

•  Your 7th house of Virgo seems to be free from major planetary moves that might affect your relationships in the long run.

•  Do not neglect your partner, talk your heart out to them and spend ample time with each other, this would mend fences.

•  Keep your emotions under check, as an overwhelming situation might affect your love or marriage at times.

Pisces Love/Marriage Horoscope 2023

For the year ahead, Venus, the planet of love would ensure that you travel ...

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