Moon Phases 2014

Ever wondered what that shiny little ball of the night in the sky can do with your life? Though millions of miles away the Moon has the capacity to control your lives down here. Its astrological effect holds sway over mortal lives in different ways. It affects our day to day issues particularly when it is full or new.

2014 moon phases

There are tangible and intangible effects of the Moon. It has been said that people turn cranky, the mentally sick gets more disturbed, accidents and casualties happen more when the moon is full. Hence it is high time you keep yourself well informed about the phases o f the moon in the days to come. It would be helpful if you can plan your daily events based on the phases of the moon.

New Moon:During new moon the moon would be between the earth and the sun. It is the exact time when the moon goes from waning to waxing.

This is a time of birth or spring of new life. Hence it is an apt time for you to start any new venture. But it would be a risky situation as you would not be loaded with much information related to the job at hand. Do not make any commitments a t this time because you do not know the outcome. New moon is a good time to make wishes and ideals in life.

First Quarter:This is the phase of the moon when it is perpendicular on the distance from the earth to the Moon. This is the first time after the new moon.

This would be a time for building. Things gain speed or momentum during this phase of the Moon. This is a time for action and not thinking. Conflicts in interests are likely during the first quarter of the Moon which need to be sorted out then and there.

Full Moon:This is the time when the Moon goes from waxing to waning. The Moon would be fully illuminated and the earth would lie between the Sun and the Moon.

Full Moon is the time when your efforts start to bear fruit. This is a good time to open up your information or creativity to the world. All your efforts culminate now.

Last Quarter:This is the time when the Moon is perpendicular on the distance from the earth to the Moon.

This is a time to review your works. An apt time to bring your works to a close. Not a good time to start anything new.

July 2014
Moon phase Date Time
First quarter July 5, 2014 05:00:41 AM
Full moon July 12, 2014 04:26:46 AM
Last quarter July 18, 2014 07:09:44 PM
New moon July 26, 2014 03:42:51 PM