In April 23/24, 2014, we are to witness a very rare astrological event in the skies. Four planets-Pluto opposing Jupiter and Mars opposing Uranus would be exactly at 90 degrees to each other. This is a rare event in the skies and is termed as the "Grand Cross."

This is also called as the Cardinal Cross Alignment as the 4 planets are present exactly at 13 degrees of the four Cardinal

signs- that is Pluto at 13 deg Capricorn, Jupiter at 13 deg Cancer, Mars at 13 deg Libra and Uranus at 13 deg Aries. The number 13 is a very sacred and "scary" number in numerology.

Cardinal Grand Cross

A grand cross is formed when four planets are square (90 deg) to each other. Thus a grand cross can be termed as 2 oppositions (180 deg) as 4 x 900 = 3600.

It is to be noted here that this Grand Cross occurs between the total Lunar Eclipse on 14th April and the Solar Eclipse on 28th April, 2014. This cosmic event is likely to trigger a mass awakening among people towards a more compassionate and united, love-filled relationship.

Each zodiac sign is related to a particular cardinal or energy quality as well as a particular element. Thus the four planets forming this Cardinal Grand Cross on the 23/24 April 2014 are represented as follows:

Pluto - Capricorn (Cardinal Earth)

Mars - Libra (Cardinal Air)

Jupiter - Cancer (Cardinal Water)

Uranus - Aries (Cardinal Fire)

Cardinal signs are the leaders of the zodiac, they move ahead, initiate things and help events happen. The Cardinal signs also represent the beginning of a new season.

• Capricorn - is a very practical sign.

• Libra - stands for partnership deals and relationships.

• Cancer - is very emotional.

• Aries - full of energy and impatient.

The planets Pluto, Mars, Jupiter & Uranus explained

Pluto is the outer most planet in our solar system. Though science has given it a backseat by de-promoting it as not being a planet, it still holds relevance in astrology today. Pluto stands for transformation. It is a masculine planet that can make things happen. It spends around 12 to 31 years in each zodiac sign.

Mars spends around 2 months in each zodiac sign and takes two years to complete one travel around the zodiac circle. Mars is red in color and noted for its fierce nature. Also of masculine energy it gives us the courage and strength to meet challenges head on.

In the April 2014 Cardinal Grand Cross, Mars is moving Retrograde during the alignment. Mars moved retrograde during March 2014 and will go direct around the end of May 2014.This means that there would be some loss of vitality or energy. There would be endless delays and hindrances in your path. There would be angry outbursts and overall resentment thanks to this retrograde motion of Mars during the grand cross formation.

Jupiter spends one year in each zodiac sign and hence takes about 12 years to go once around the zodiac sky. Jupiter is a planet of expansion. This planet is also of masculine nature. It ignites our consciousness and allows us to explore morals in life.

Uranus is a very far planet and it takes around 84 years to go once round the zodiac sky. This is a planet which stands for rebellion. Uranus is responsible for revolutions and massive uprisings. Uranus is also associated with masculine energy.

Effects of the Grand Cross

The occurrence of this grand cross is likely to create a conflicts, and tensions in individual and societal levels. We need to consider moral and ethical values to tide over this sky phenomenon.

Pluto in the house of Capricorn brings about major transformations in governments across the world. When this Pluto squares with Uranus posited in the house of Aries there would be ample scope for rebellions and revolts across continents. Pluto in opposition to Jupiter in the house of Cancer challenges family values and humanity as a whole.

The opposition of Uranus with Mars in the house of Libra brings about fights for justice and equality. Mars squaring Pluto and Jupiter shall bring about hidden truths.

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