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Vrishabha Rashi natives would have many high and lows this year. Saturn or Shani would ensure that you are given ample responsibilities to come up in life, but would be teaching important life lessons as well. Those in services would fare well while Vrishabha people into business would meet with impediments and losses stare at them. Your finances would be good thanks to discipline brought up by Saturn in your life. The first half of the year would keep you busy and success comes naturally to you. Work place problems surface occasionally and Saturn makes sure that your purse is never empty for the year. The first and the last quarter of the year 2024 favors auspicious events like marriage or child birth in the family life of Rishaba people. Rahu and Ketu might bring about periodic health concerns, be cautious. Domestic welfare and happiness might elude you this year as Mars would be influencing this part of your life in 2024. Taurus students would do well in their studies this year, though there might be setbacks at times. Romance and intimacy might be lacking in your relationships. Mid-year would be favourable for some good times with partner. Jupiter would bless with conjugal felicity if you are married and there is a fare chance that the Rishaba Rasi folks might embark on long distance travel during the second half of the year.

Rishaba - Health Horoscope 2024
This year would give its fair share of health woes for Vrishabha Rashi natives due to the presence of Rahu in the Ascendant and Ketu in the 7th house, but then there would not be any major setbacks. Natives are asked to take good care of their general health and well being for the year. With Mars in your 12th there is not going to be much relief in this area. Together the planets are likely to play havoc with your health and that of your family members. The first quarter of 2024 would be quite good with not much happening in this area. Then, as the year progresses natives are likely to suffer from issues of the stomach, eyes and limb ailments. Natives are asked to follow a balanced diet and be physically active. Taurus women might suffer from gynaecological issues now and then. Mid-year would be quite uneventful and medical issues surface once again during the last quarter of the year. Prevention and good health habits would be the key to survival for Rishaba Rasi people this year.

Rishaba-  Love and Marriage Horoscope 2024
In terms of love and marriage, this would be the best period in recent times for Rishaba Rasi people. There would be some intimate moments with your loved one or partner. There might be some stress and strain in your relationship at times, but proper understanding and talking out things would iron out things. No matter what, make sure that the bond you share with your spouse or partner is intact. Quite an average period to say. Jupiter’s effect on your sign would bring about cordiality during tough times. Petty issues and rifts are likely, but you would be able to make peace. Your yearning for stability and consistency and averseness towards any sort of change would give goodness in your love and marriage through the year.

Rishaba- Career Horoscope 2024
The career prospects of Rishaba people would be much favorable for the year 2024. Saturn transiting through your 9th house promises goodness in your professional life. It would bless you with pay hikes and promotions too. Relocation also likely if you are willing to take a change. Things might take some beating as the year starts, however around mid-year, there would be success. Your hard work and commitment would pay you. Those into business might however see occasional losses, but then you would be able to file past some tough encounters. Natives aspiring for a job change would also find the year feasible enough. But then be careful about false promises, frauds and troubles from enemies in work place. This is not a time to rely on teamwork or partnership  as you are likely to be betrayed in course of time, hence better to avoid the same.

Rishaba- Finance Horoscope 2024
 In the year 2024, the finances of Rishaba Rasi people or those born under Taurus Moon sign  would be average. All their needs would be met, however they ought to avoid being indulgent with finances. Mars, the fiery planet in the 12th house would bring about unwanted expenditure of all sorts from all corners. Always bank on your resources and let not others take advantage of your financial standing. Around mid-year, Vrishabha Rashi people interested in buying their dream home or car would see their dreams turning into reality. Those in services would have a stable income flow all this year. Jupiter, the planet of wealth and prosperity would help you through challenging times in finances. Together Jupiter and Saturn would bless you with different sources of income. Native stand to gain through real estate deals around the end of the year.

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