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Taurus- vaasthu concepts

Taurus Phase 1- If a person is born in the first phase of Taurus, then his house will be facing east and in front side of the house in the south there would be a northern lane. The third house from his house, will be dilapidated and full of flaws. Water shall be dropping from many outlets of such a house. Water-storage place will be on south-east side, and in part of taurus and scorpion, there will be a worship place of goddess.

Taurus Phase 2 - If a person is born in the second phase of Taurus, his house will be south-facing and pathway will be in front of the house from west to east. Lord Ganesha's temple will be to the west side of the house. Temple of Goddess Durga will be in the area of Libra, Gemini and Aquarius, where other Goddesses will also be worshipped. On the backyard of the house there will be an abode of family-deity, who will safeguard the house.

Taurus Phase 3 - The house of the person born in the third phase of Taurus, will be west-facing and path-way will be from south to north on frontal side of the house. There will be temple of lord Ganesha also on the way to the house, which will remain protected by family deities. At the places of Sagittarius and Aries, there will be a place of worship where Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga are worshipped.

Taurus Phase 4 - The house of a person born in the fourth phase of Taurus will be east-facing and path-way, in front of the house, will proceed from west to east. Two families will be residing in such a house, on whose left side will be a temple where Shiva and Goddesses will be worshipped.

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