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Vastu which acts as a bridge between man and nature gives us a complete study of direction, geography, topography, environment and physics. Many vastu expertise says that today the major cause of disharmony is mainly because of the planning we do in our architecture against the principles of vastu.

 vastu - office

When it comes to vastu for office there are factors like location, office exteriors in terms of its slope, shape etc, direction in which different departments of the office and the reception are located, position of various electronic gadgets etc which has to be taken into account for smooth working of the office.

But there are things which cannot fall under the principles of vastu for which inturn vastu also provides remedy. Thus pursuing Vastu standards will ensure effective and efficient workout resulting in the progress of the office.The vastu principles advises that the persons in the senior most cadre like managers and executives can occupy the Southern, western and southwestern portions of the office whereas the northern and eastern zones are good for the assistant managers. The employees can sit in such a way that they always face either north or east and the north western portion can always be occupied by the field staff.

Apart from seating arrangement vastu also recommends a rectangular desk for the MD. The vastu mandala suggests specific areas for the different departments like southeast direction for the accounts department, northeast for the reception, northwest for the marketing and southeast and northwest for the storeroom. The Chairman or the General Manager can occupy the South-West or Southern part of the Office facing the east where he can maintain important documents, papers about Company's assets, files of important projects etc are stored. If any of the above seating arrangement is not possible it can be corrected by spiritual correction method or by placing pyramid yantras where various religious rituals like poojas, japas, and yagnas are performed at the place of vastu defect to harmonise and increase the bio –energy flow of that place.

In office can have sloping of floors towards East, North and North-East but not towards main entrance for it obstructs the path of profits. The height of the building if is in equal size then there is no problem. The directions of East and West are important as far as obtaining the energy from the sun is concerned. The importance of the directions of the North and the South lies in the flow of magnetic waves which flows from North Pole to South Pole. Therefore southward portion of every building should be higher than the northward portion. Missing corners can be corrected by having a rectangular-or square-shaped site or by recreating the missing corners inside the office with regard to the specific direction and type of energy. Placing a water feature or urn of water with flowers at the northeast sector of the gate will alleviate the ill effect when a portion of the north and east segments are missing. Placing tulsi plants at the northeast sector of the office can transform any bad energy into positive and good energy. Likewise jasmine plants can bring in a flow of good energy with a wisp of its fragrance.

According to vastu a borewell or even overhead tank should not be in the south or in the north east direction. If it is so vastu says that the former will lead to insufficient cash flow in the shop and the later to mental tension and burden.Even overhead tank in the Bramhasthan is not recommendable.Vastu also says that a cement tank is always better than a plastic. If it is not possible a plastic blue or black colour is preferable. The ideal place for the overhead tank according to vastu is the west or south-west direction of the building. Due to water, south-west corner becomes heavy and creates a balance of positive energies in the office and proves advantageous. Care should be taken that the overhead tank in this place should not leak for dampness is not a good of progress .This can be done by placing the tank at least two feet above the uppermost slab of the office.

Even parking of vehicles counts in vastu shastra.Heavy vehicles like cranes, trucks, trolleys and tractors should be parked in the south west zone whereas parking of the employee's vehicles like cycles, scooter, cars, and light commercial vehicles should be in the south west zone and north east zone should always be free from parking. Weigh bridge or weighing machines may be placed in North West or Central East. Heavy structure should be built in the South and the West as these are negative zones. More open space should be in the East or north direction. The recommended and the best portion for toilet is west or northwest and for the staircase is southern or western part of the office. If there is any problem in the above set up it can be corrected by setting a water fountain or an aquarium containing 1 black fish and 9 gold fish in the location of northeast of the office premises which is really good and advisable.

Pantry of office should be built in southeast of the building as southeast direction is a place for fire. Sitting under a beam is not god for any member of the office. If such arrangement is not possible vastu gives remedies like covering the loft of the beam by wooden board. Documents can be kept in a safe or an almirah in the southwest portion of the office. For having pleasing atmosphere in the office, use balanced lighting, fresh flowers, soothing colours, aesthetic interior decoration, sound-absorbent flooring and piped music to create the desired atmosphere. Vastu also have a hold on the colour of the paints where it recommends light colors for dark colours make us short tempered.

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