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Gemstones - Superstitions


Gemstone, birthstones or lucky stones affect the human body through their measured radiations. They increase the psychic powers of an individual and ward off the ill-effects of planets by their curative powers.

The Kohinoor
The Kohinoor diamond is still the brightest jewel in the British monarch's crown . These Indian treasures "taken away" at some point of history have now been claimed by different parties in India and UK saying that they are descendants of Maharaja Duleep Singh , the Sikh ruler who signed away his kingdom and the magnificent diamond to Britain's Queen Victoria.




Royal Emeralds & Rubies

All gemstones have therapeutic uses.The more precious stones you wear, the more you will be charged with cosmic forces. Always keep the gemstones in contact with your body. Don't lock them in a box as you are depriving it of it's tremendous potential.

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