In a number of religions, past and present, astrology has been looked upon as a necessary tool to enhance the spiritual growth of its followers. In ancient times people found their faith in the star and the neavenly bodies.Most religions mention about the stars in their religious texts.It was through the knowledge of Astrology that the three wise men were able to find Jesus.

The holy Quran has a chapter called the "The Star" and there is a mention about the Lord as "He is the Lord of Sirius".The ancient Egyptians had astrologers to study the constellations and explain it to the common man.

Many Astrologers, like many scientists, are immensely spiritual. Astrology is not meant to take away our religious values, but to enhance them, and to have a closer understanding of life and its purpose. Astrology is clearly not a religion but, it can be used as a tool to help to find some answers to the "Where" and the "What"of life.

Religious Festivals- Astrological Impacts

Festivals are important times in our lives when we forget our worries and indulge in merry-making and revelry. But festivals are also times when we should introspect our purpose here on earth. Most of the festivals of any religion are timed according to the planetary positions in the sky.

Religion- Astrology Nexus

Astrology is not a religion and religion is not concerned with astrology. However some astrological implications are found in almost all the major religions of the world. New insights of the religious mind can help astrology to resolve certain eternal problems that mankind is facing now...

Things to Do before You Die

The whole world talks about places to visit or things to indulge in before you die. We at have compiled a list of things to do before you die on a religious perspective. Select your religion of interest to proceed..

Life After Death

It is said that" Once you are born, death is the only certainty in life". Most of the religions believe in a life after death. Find what various religions say on death, after life, heaven, hell, karma, reincarnation, etc.

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