Pilgrimage as astrological remedies

Pilgrimage is usually the travel undertaken to pay respect to a person's religious God and astrology suggests few places to be visited so as to nullify the effects caused by certain planets in an individual's horoscope. Pilgrimage helps in astrological remedies. Thus travelling to holy sites can be considered as a transformational journey resulting in some evident changes taking place in one's life.

Each one us will have a horoscope with both benefic and malefic planets where the former causes good things whereas the later because of its weakness in its strength will lead to various problems like ailments, serious weakening and loss of energy, difficulties, disputes and contradictions in life. When the planets are not placed in the right position it may even lead to emotional setbacks in all aspects of life. Thus the science of astrology helps us through lot of astrological remedies where it is possible to ward off the evils in a person's natal chart. Some of the remedies include gemstones, yantras, mantras and colors.

Suriyanar Temple

Suriyanar Temple

When the Sun is in a weak planetary position then it results in the individuals with such a birth chart to have laziness in their body, general body pain not pertaining to any particular part of the body, constant saliva secretion in the mouth and uninvited problems mainly involving the Government department.The Suriyanar temple which has the Sun God as the main deity is situated in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu in a village named Tirumangalakkudi near Aaduthurai. A pilgrimage to this temple helps in healing all the physical and mental ailments. The people who visit this temple are benefitted by various ways like success in the political field, government field and they are released from sins committed by father and ancestors.

Chandran / Thingalur Temple

Thingalur Temple

Moon is also referred to as Chandran. When the Moon is placed in a weak position in the birth chart, then the individuals are likely to face problems like demise of horse or milk giving animals. Also there are chances of the mother's health being affected by heart diseases. Thus by worshipping the Moon God we are subjected to various benefits like warding off problems related to mother's dosham, mental retardation and fluid accumulation diseases. The Moon God temple is situated in Thingalur in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu near Thiruvaiyaru, a renowned place for music concerts. There are no records about the origin of the temple. The main deity of this temple is Lord Chandran who is believed to be the ruler of one's mind, emotions and experiences. Lord Chandra married all the 27 daughters of Dakshaprajapathi and only treated the 27th one Rohini with love and affection.

Mangal / Vaitheeswaran koil

Vaitheeswaran koil

When the planet Mars acts positively towards an individual's chart then it is said to give the person high energy, strong will, freedom and self control. The Mangal or the Mars planet, according to Hindu Vedic astrology is one of the Navagraha planets which indicate charateristics like courage, strength, power and aggression. Apart from the favor the Mangal dosha brings about other negative influences commonly known as Mangal dosha and is very bad for marriage, resulting in distress and tension in relationship. Getting into marriage become very difficult and above all even if they get married it will result in separation and divorce. In rare cases it is believed that a person with Chowa Dosha may sometime result in unfortunate sudden death in the house.

Budh / Thiruvengadu


A weak or a bad planetary positioning of the Mercury planet will result in problems related to hearing and speech for that particular age, sense disability to any good or bad smell in the environment, stammering, spoiled relation with friends and diseases of nervous system, etc.The Budha sthalam or the temple for the Mercury planet is situated in the Nagai district of Tamil Nadu in Thiruvengadu near Sirkazhi. The Lord of the Mercury planet is supposed to be very wise and noted for knowledge and wealth. The planet Mercury is ruled by Maha Vishnu. People compare the temple of Mercury to Kasi which has similar sacred bath tanks.

Guru / Alangudi


When Jupiter is positioned in the ninth house it is quite inauspicious for the concerned person may behave with ill-manners to his or her father, gurus and sages. The individual with such a natal chart is triggered to do all bad and evil things. Thus all the auspicious fact of Jupiter is lost and will lead to problems like hair fall, addiction of wearing rosaries in neck, obstacles in education, theft of gold and losing of his or her fame. The temple for Guru Bhagavan is situated in Alangudi near Kumbakonam, Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. The temple for Guru Bhagavan was built during King Chola period. Guru Bhagawan here is worshipped as Shri Dhakshinamurthy.

Sukran / Kanjanur

Kanjanur temple for Sukran

When the planet Venus is positioned in Virgo sign then it considered as a weak planet. If this is the position of the Venus planet in a person's birth chart then the native will not enjoy any material happiness. His or her married life will not be happy and also there will be lot of financial crisis. The individuals are prone to accidents. One of the astrological remedies for a malefic Venus is to visit the Sukran temple situated in Kanjanur near Suryanar Koil(Aadudurai) of Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu. The main deity of this temple is Lord Shiva and also Lord Sukran. Pilgrimage to this temple helps people to come out of many problems like personal and family issues and delay in marriages. It is very special to visit this temple on Fridays.

Thiru Shaneeshwarar / Thirunallar)

Thirunallar Saneeswarar temple

The planet Saturn is ruled by the God Shaneeshwar whose temple is located in Thirunallar near Karaikal in Tamil Nadu. Shani is a very strong planet and holds a distinct position in a person's horoscope where it can either construct or destruct the individual. For positive aspects Shani indicates charateristics like long life, authority, leadership, power, aspiration, humbleness, responsible, righteousness, perception, spirituality, hard work and operational skill. Some of its negative indicator includes loneliness, distress, dejected, old age and death, restriction, undue responsibility, delays, loss of ambition, chronic suffering, losses, etc. The two most common ailment caused by the most dreaded planet Saturn are Shani Dosha and Sade Sati.

Rahu / Thirunageswaram Temple

Thirunageswaram Temple

Scientifically Rahu and Kethu are not considered to be planets but still according to Indian Vedic astrology they are considered as planets for their influences are very powerful. A malefic Rahu is sure to cause a lot of hindrances leading to failure in most of the things we do. Constant obstacles will lead the individual in not growing in his life. Rahu is the King of snakes. The temple for Rahu Bhagawan is situated in Thirunageswaram near Kumbakonam of Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu. The place gets its name Thirunageshwaram because Rahu and other serpents like Adiseshan, Dakshan and Kaarkotakan and Lord Shiva are worshipped here.

Kethu / Kizhaperumpallam Temple

Kizhaperumpallam Temple

When Ketu is placed in a bad planetary position it will result in urinal diseases, back bone and joint pain, problems with nails especially in the foot. There might be lot of problems faced because of children especially son. The temple for Kethu Bhagawan is situated in Kizhaperumpallam near Poombukar in Nagai district of Tamil Nadu. A pilgrimage to this temple helps in rectifying different doshas and other issues like naga dosham, kala sharpa dosham, vivaha dosham (marriage), mental disorders, puthra dosham, fears of robbery, bad habits, nervous and leprosy problems, especially danger from all poisonous life forms.