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Welcome to the Prophecy Forum at www.findyourfate.com. This page lists the prophecy submitted by some of our visitors. Do have a prophecy to share with others. Then follow the link: Submit your Prophecy.

Love marrige ho skti hai kya meri ?
Shadi kab hogi , love marrige k chanse hai kya
manpreet kaur , kurali , no

Date of Prophecy : 04/24/1995

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Date of Submission : 07/12/2021

Make a king
Make a king
Ankita kumari , Lakhisarai , N

Date of Prophecy : 09/15/1993

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Date of Submission : 12/24/2019

Shadi ,padai pariparik samband
Geetika , Mumbai , Kalpsp

Date of Prophecy : 09/27/2012

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Date of Submission : 04/17/2013

i think something will happen in that month
well nature cantbe trusted so i think something will definately happen in america in 2012
pooja , suva , america affected in 2012- tsunami

Date of Prophecy : 09/25/2012

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Date of Submission : 01/27/2011

Had a Dream,that there was a tsunami hitting the north side of puerto rico. I called my dad who lives there and he said one day he had a vision. He saw a big wave hitting the north side of puerto rico. sometime this year 2010 it will happen.
roberto fanfan , FL cape coral , Tsunami 2010 at puerto rico

Date of Prophecy : 03/10/2010

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Date of Submission : 04/22/2010

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