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Welcome to the Forum for Prophecy in www.findyourfate.com. This forum lists the prophecies of common people from around the globe. You can even submit the prophecy you had of late in your life.

If you had a vision, or felt like an inner conscience speaking to you about the future developments on the earth do not hesitate. This is your mouth piece to the world.

This forum is operated totally free and make sure that you do not spam or add rubbish information here. Let this forum develop threads for prophetic people.

This page lists the last few prophecies entered by our visitors. To submit your prophecy or view previous prophecies click on the links to the right of this page.

Recently submitted Prophecies

Love marrige ho skti hai kya meri ?
Shadi kab hogi , love marrige k chanse hai kya
manpreet kaur , kurali , no

Date of Prophecy : 04/24/1995

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Date of Submission : 07/12/2021

Make a king
Make a king
Ankita kumari , Lakhisarai , N

Date of Prophecy : 09/15/1993

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Date of Submission : 12/24/2019

Shadi ,padai pariparik samband
Geetika , Mumbai , Kalpsp

Date of Prophecy : 09/27/2012

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Date of Submission : 04/17/2013

i think something will happen in that month
well nature cantbe trusted so i think something will definately happen in america in 2012
pooja , suva , america affected in 2012- tsunami

Date of Prophecy : 09/25/2012

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Date of Submission : 01/27/2011

Had a Dream,that there was a tsunami hitting the north side of puerto rico. I called my dad who lives there and he said one day he had a vision. He saw a big wave hitting the north side of puerto rico. sometime this year 2010 it will happen.
roberto fanfan , FL cape coral , Tsunami 2010 at puerto rico

Date of Prophecy : 03/10/2010

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Date of Submission : 04/22/2010