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panchang Hindu Panchang gives you the auspicious time to start anything new. It takes into consideration the Vara (week day), Tithi, Nakshatra (Star), Yogam of the day, Karana of the day and the ending moments of all these to determine whether the day is Amrutha, Siddha and Shubha.

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Monday , April 15 , 2024 at 05:30:00 am IST


Indian year :  Krodhi Tamil date :  2   Chithirai
Hindu date :  7   Chaitra Solar date : 3   Mesha

Tithi: shukla Saptami till 12:11 Nakshatras: Punarvasu till 27:05

Karana : Vanija till 12:11
Yoga: Sukarman yoga till 23:08 Sunrise/Sunset: 05:57/18:20

Rahu : 7:30-9 Yama : 10:30-12 Gulika_day : 1:30-3

Gulika_night : 19:30-21 Varshoola : east

The Panchang

Panchang or Panchangam is an ancient Vedic calendar in a tabulated form that helps to plan for travel, work, money, love, etc, well in advance. It is simply an Indian Vedic almanac. It has evolved for the past 5000 years or so. The theories found in the two scriptures namely , Surya Siddhanta and Grahalaghava form the basis for the Panchang . In English Panchang is termed as Ephemeris.

Daily Panchang published in is the most accurate one on the net with calculations based on Indian Astrological Computations. You can get to know the panchang of the current day as well as the past and the future days. This Daily panchang has been calculated for Indian standard time and works for Chennai, 5:30 AM timing.

The word Panchang is derived from “Panch” meaning five and “ang” meaning aspect. Panchang gives you the auspicious and inauspicious timings of any day. It gives the Day, the Tithi, the Nakshtra, the Yoga, and the Karana of the Day. Hence the name Panchang .

The calculations for the panchang are based on the position of the various planets and constellations. In short it is a ready reckoner to find out if any day is suitable for activities like getting married, going on a trip, entering a new house, starting something new, etc. You need not totally rely on an Astrologer if you are well versed with the panchang.

The Vara or Days

A group of seven days is called vara or week. The days are named after the planets excluding Rahu and Ketu. Days change at sunrise. The Days in a Lunar year are as follows:

Lunar Day English Name Ruling Planet
Somvar Monday Moon
Mangalvar Tuesday Mars
Budhvar Wednesday Mercury
Guruvar Thursday Jupiter
Shukravar Friday Venus
Shanivar Saturday Saturn
Ravivar Sunday Sun


The angular relationship between Sun and Moon is known as Tithi. One Tithi equals 12 degree difference between Moon and Sun.. In all there are 30 tithis. In fact, there are sixteen tithis in a month. The fourteen in each half go on changing throughout the month. The reigning tithi at sun rise should be taken as the tithi of the day. Every tithi has its own ruling deity as well.

No Tithis
1 Pratipad
2 Dwitiya
3 Tritiya
4 Chaturthi
5 Panchami
6 Shashti
7 Saptami
8 Ashtami
9 Navami
10 Dashami
11 Ekadashi
12 Dwadashi
13 Trayodashi
14 Chaturdashi
15 Pournami
16 Amavasya


Nakshatra refers to the stellar mansion in which Moon is located. One Nakshatra equals 13 degrees and 20 minutes. There are 27 Nakshatra in 360 degrees.

No Nakshatra Lords
1 Aswini Ketu
2 Bharani Venus
3 Kritika Sun
4 Rohini Moon
5 Mrigasira Mars
6 Aridra Rahu
7 Punarvasu Jupiter
8 Pushya Saturn
9 Aslesha Mercury
10 Magha Ketu
11 Poorvaphalguni Venus
12 Uttaraphalguni Sun
13 Hasta Moon
14 Chitra Mars
15 Swati Rahu
16 Visakha Jupiter
17 Anuradha Saturn
18 Jyehsta Mercury
19 Moola Ketu
20 Poorvashadha Venus
21 Uttarashadha Sun
22 Sravana Moon
23 Dhanshita Mars
24 Satabisha Rahu
25 Poorvabhadrapada Jupiter
26 Uttarabhadrapada Saturn
27 Revati Mercury


One Yoga equals 13 degrees and 20 minutes. There are 27 Yogas in 360 degrees. Yogas change every day. Yogas start with Vishkambha yoga and Vyateepata and Vaidhriti yogas have great importance.

Yoga Ruler
Vishkambha Vishvedeva
Preeti Maruth
Ayushman Hiranyagarbha
Soubhagya Durga
Shobhana Prithvi
Athiganda Aditi
Sukarma Surya
Dhruti Ratri
Shoola Indra
Ganda Maruth
Vridhi Ratri
Dhruva Agni
Vyaghata Hari
Harshana Indra
Vajra Hiranyagarbha
Siddhi Vayu
Vyateepaata Agni
Pareeyan Hari
Parigha Indra
Shiva Indra
Siddha Hiranyagarbha
Sadhya Vayu
Shubha Pavamana Soma
Shukla Prithvi
Brahma Indra
Endra Vishedeva
Vaidriti Maruth


Karana is half of a Tithi. One Karana equals 6 degree difference between Moon and Sun.Karanas are eighteen in total. The first seven are called as Sthira Karanas and the last four are called as Chara Karanas.

The chara karanas begin on the second half the brighter side of the moon and continue to rule till the fourteenth day of the darker of the moon and recur regularly.

Sthira Karanas Chara Karanas
Bhava Shakuni
Balava Catushpada
Kaulava Nagavan
Thrishila Kimsthugna

Uses of Panchang

Any work done on the right day of the week shall bring longevity for the native. Anything started on the right tithi will bring prosperitySomething done with a favourable star shall ward off all evilsA good yoga shall cure all diseases

Any venture done during beneficial karana shall remove all obstacles en-route.

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