Natural Strength

This is the same in all charts. The planets in order of strength are: The Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Saturn. This is in terms of apparent brightness. The Sun gets 60 points. This amount is reduced by one-seventh for the other planets in order of their brightness.

New Moon - Full Moon

The qualities of the day of the full Moon (Purnima): Purnima (full Moon, 15-th) Tithi is favorable for all good actions: building houses, putting on gemstones, and for career gains. However, better for religious rituals, fasting, contemplation and meditation. Excellent for worship of Goddess, who is the ruling deity of the Mon. generally a time when we experience the fruit of our actions during the month, and brining things to completion, but not so useful for starting new ventures. Unfavorable for travel.


60 points


51 points


43 points


34 points


26 points


17 points


9 points

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