Astrological remedies for Shani Dosha

The most feared planet in astrology is Saturn which is also commonly referred as Shani. It is supposed to be a great malefic planet making things very difficult to the natives resulting in contraction, restriction and limitation. Though with a lot of negative aspects and in spite of being a malefic planet, Shani is known as the planet of justice for it is the bringer of structure and discipline to the world.

The planet Saturn is referred by different names like Shanischara, Sauri (son of Surya), Chayatmaja (son of Chaya, the consort of Surya and shadow of Samjana), Nilambara (one who dons blue garments), Manda (slow), Ara, Kroda, Vakra (crooked), Saptamsu (one with seven rays), Asita (the black one) and Pangu (lame).Shani is a very strong planet and holds a distinct position in a person's horoscope where it can either construct or destruct the individual.

sani dhosha

For positives aspects Shani indicates characteristics like long life, authority, leadership, power, aspirations, humbleness, responsibility, righteousness, perception, spirituality, hard work and operational skills. Some of its negative indicator includes loneliness, distress, dejection, old age and death, restriction, undue responsibility, delays, loss of ambition, chronic suffering, losses, etc.The two most common ailments caused by the most dreaded planet Saturn are Shani Dosha and Sade Sati. In Vedic astrology the Padmapurana states that Samjana wife of Surya was not able to bear the dazzling radiance of her husband Surya and so she created a shadow image of her known as Chaya. Surya and Chaya gave birth to Shanischara which means slow moving.

But Shanichara was cursed by Lord Parvathi which made him into a cruel being like if he looks onto someone straight he is sure to ruin them to an extent. In such situation in a person's horoscope is when the remedies made for Shani becomes non negotiable.But however certain specific poojas made for the planet Saturn like Shani Puja, Shani Yajna or Homa which is believed to have a great extent cool down of Shani and reduces its malefic effects resulted by Shani graha by way of Sadhe Sati. Apart from the astrological view Saturn is supposed to be a curious planet with its rings.

These rings give an intensified beauty not only to the Saturn planet but also to the entire celestial specatle.Also the amount of light and heat received by Saturn from the Sun is comparatively less and has a similar gaseous composition to that of the Jupiter. Titan the most known moon of Saturn has an atmosphere of its own and it may be that the rings, for most of the time obstruct the full view of the planet.

One of Italy's renowned scientist Lino Picardi proved that when the rays of Saturn when allowed to pass and projected from a blue sapphire into a culture of bacteria it resulted in multiplication. The presence of Shani in our birth chart in a favorable sign and house is promising to enhance the fame and health and longevity of the person. But it is the reverse when affected by Shani dosha leading to zero down the people with all negative aspects. Black is the more common color related to the planet and blue sapphire is the gemstone worn in beneficial to the planet.

Shani Mahadasha is the time or period when a person is under the rule of Shani which involves specific change and transformations in the individual's life. Various factors in a person's life is influenced by Shani and whether it be good or bad depends upon the planet on the Nakshatra an individual is born with.

The good and the bad aspects of the same are dependent on the person's horoscope, karma and his or her deeds. Shani Dosha is the particular time when the planet is exhausted or comes in any of the cardinal houses in the person's natal chart. The period when Saturn's deadly effects are prominent due to its planetary positions in conjugation with other planets, is known as the Shani Dosha. As we already know the story of Shani in earlier lines, Shani is known to be an excellent teacher and based on an individual's karma justify the people with either good things or punish them for their evil deeds. It is also believed that Goddess Katyayini rules Shani for he is the deliverer of equity and fairness. Goddess Katyayani, is the sixth form of Navadurga who imparts virtues as per the karma of each person. Another reason why the worship of Hanuman is good at the time of Shani dosha is that, there are myths which state that Hanuman released the rescued Shani from the prison of Ravana or the demon God.

Astrologers by reading the birth chart help in approaching the planetary influences at various stages of life and gives various remedies to cool down Shani.

The impact of Saturn is modified by placement in different houses and by the influence of other planets on Saturn. There are lot of poojas and remedies suggested by experts and sages of ancient time, like Shani dosha nivaran pooja which includes Ganpathi Smaran, Shaanti paath, Invocation of all deities, nine planets invocation, Shani mantra jaap and Shani Havan. The Shani dosha pooja also includes paying deferential respect to the Shani God on every Saturday by lighting lamp exclusively of sesame or mustard oil and worshipping him.

It is good to visit the most famous Shani temple which is in Shingnapur which is believed to be a very powerful temple where Shanidev resides alive in its solid strength.When Shani is placed in the 2nd, 7th, 3rd, 10th and 11th house of a natal chart then it is supposed to be auspicious whereas when it is present in the 4th, 5th and 8th House then it is a sign of inauspiciousness. Nobody can escape from the good and bad influences of Shani thus the Shani dasha called as Sadhe Saati and Dhaiya always a brings in panic in people's mind. There are lots of remedies available from ancient Vedic astrology pertaining to Shani dosha but however the most famous Lal Kitab suggests remedies whether the planet is in auspicious or inauspicious position. When it is the case of an auspicious position then it will help in continuing and intensifying the effect of the planet whereas in case of an inauspicious positioning of the planet Shani then the remedies help in reducing the negative effects.

Remedies when Shani is present in the first house

- Oil is poured on the ground.

- Don't tell lies.

- For enhancement in work bury surma in the ground.

- Never build a house before the age of 48

- Need to make a paste of water and soil and apply it as tilak on the forehead.

- Have monkey as a pet and feed them which will lead to prosperity.

- Throw kajal in stagnant water.

- Banyan trees can be offered with sweet milk which will help in the education of children and health of the family.

- When asked iron objects can be donated.

- Stay away from alcohol and non-vegetarian food.

Remedies when Shani is present in the second house

- A brown or a grey color buffalo is recommended to be kept as pet.

- Visit a nearby temple barefoot for forty–three days continuously.

- A tilak from fresh milk or curd can be applied on the forehead.

- Also as donation give black pulse, peas, and sandal wood in a temple.

- Feed or offer snakes with milk.

Remedies when Shani is present in the third house

- Iron objects are said to be kept above the main door of the house.

- It is good to have dogs as pet and feed them with good and regular food.

- It is good to abstain from non–vegetarian food.

- Astrologers advise when Shani is in the third house of kundali to donate medicines for eyes.

- Don't leave any part of the house dark.

- It is good to live or reside in an east-facing house.

Remedies when Shani is present in the fourth house

- When Shani is present in the fourth house avoid wearing black and green clothes.

- Never kill a snake instead feed it with milk.

- Cows, buffaloes and fishes can be fed with rice and pulses.

- It is good not to drink milk in the night.

- It is good to have a buffalo as pet at home.

- Pour milk or an alcoholic drink in running water like a river.

- Need to treat the worker class with love and affection.

Remedies when Shani is present in the fifth house

- It is good to donate some nuts like almonds in the temple and bring back a portion of it to keep at home wrapped in white cloth.

- Don't distribute sweets on the day of your son's birthday but instead salty things are fine.

- Having gold at home is a good remedy.

- Try to construct your own house after the age of 48.

- Let kajal in flowing water.

Remedies when Shani is present in the sixth house

- It is advisable to have a black or a brown dog as a pet and offer food to it.

- It is good for children if snakes are fed with milk.

- Keep mustard oil in a glass or earthen jar and immerse it inside water. Also dropping of coconut and almonds in running water is recommended.

Remedies when Shani is present in the seventh house

- Get married after the age of 22.

- Always carry a piece of silver with you.

- It is good to pay heed to your wives' ideas and decision and then work.

- Place a honey-filled earthen pot and bamboo flute filled with sugar at some unpopulated place away from home

- Feed milk to snakes.

Remedies when Shani is present in the eighth house

- Abstain from non-vegetarian food and alcohol.

- Drop black pulses in running or flowing water.

- It is good notto own a house.

- Avoid walking bare-foot and donate iron objects.

- Always carry a piece of silver.

- Add milk to the water in which bath is taken.

Remedies when Shani is present in the ninth house

- It is always good to live as a joint family.

- Stop eating non-vegetarian food and drinking alcohol.

- Drop rice or almonds in flowing water.

- Good to donate a Brahmin with Jupiter related things.

Remedies when Shani is present in the tenth house

- Abstain from non-vegetarians and alcohol.

- Offer food to ten blind people.

- Visit a temple daily.

Remedies when Shani is present in the eleventh house

- Build a house after the age of 48.

- Avoid using a south-facing entrance in the house.

- Before starting off with any new or good task keep an earthen pot filled with water.

Remedies when Shani is present in the twelfth house

- Always try to talk the truth and avoid lies.

- Indulge in lot of religious work.

- Avoid window in the back wall of your house.