Rudraksha and astrological remedies

The term Rudraksha is a Sanskrit word formed from two words namely "Rudra" meaning Lord Shiva and "Aksha" meaning eyes. When these two words are combined it means that Rudraksha is the Lord Shiva's eyes. According to Hindu religion the term Rudraksha is used to denote the holy bead used by sages during the ancient times. Apart from being used for religious purposes the rudraksha is widely used for various astrological remedies.

Lots of mention about the rudraksha can be seen in different holy books too. The rudraksha is defined by experts as one of the devotional bead which when worn causes positive vibration in a person's life thereby increasing their credence and personal characteristic features.


There are lots of advantages associated with the adorning of the different faced rudraksha bead. In fact it can never be described just as a bead but also as a blessed bead of Lord Shiva which promises to aid in attaining healthy mind, body and soul. Apart from the enhancement of our soul rudraksha also helps in getting relief from health issues like blood pressure, stress, anxiety, depression and other related diseases. The origin of Rudraksha dates back to the great epic Shiv Purana. Once when Lord Shiva was meditating for more than thousand years and when he opened his eyes after meditation a few drops of tears rolled out from his eyes which when touched the ground took the form of seeds and from which the Rudraksha tree came into existence.

Also there is another story associated with the origin of rudraksha which states that when Lord Shiva burnt demon Tripurasura, tears came out of his eyes which were converted into Rudraksha tree. Rudraksha is a very powerful bead and has the secrets of the process by which different kinds of living organism are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth and the cosmos within it. When we meditate rudraksha helps in achieving the effort of attaining redemption in life. Rudraksha was mainly used by the sages in ancient period to develop various factors like mental, physical and health prowess so that they can work undisturbed in their devotional path to attain enlightenment.

Ek-mukhi or One - Faced Rudraksha


The most propitious and powerful rudraksha among all the beads is the Ek-mukhi or the one-faced rudraksha. When a person wears it or when the ek mukhi rudraksha is worshipped blessings of Goddess Lakshmi is showered in that place or on the concerned person. There are two shapes of the ek mukhi rudraksha one is the round half and the other is the half moon- shaped. Sun is the ruling planet of the ek mukhi rudraksha which when worn helps in giving remedies for various problems related to Sun in a person's horoscope. The ekmukhi rudraksha is also recommended by astrologers to improve an individual's concentration and to lead them a successful devotional journey. The ek mukhi rudraksha roughly costs about Rs.3000.

02 mukhi or Two-faced Rudraksha

2 mukhi

The two faced rudraksha is more popularly known as the Unity rudraksha for it depicts the embodiment of Ardhnareeshwar and shows representation of Shiva and Shakti. When the two faced rudraksha is worn it is said to bring about unity for its wearer by adding harmony between two individuals - most commonly between husband and wife and father and son. Moon is the ruling planet of the two-faced rudraksha, so whenever there is any problem related to the Moon in an individual's horoscope this rudraksha is advised to be worn. When the two- faced rudraksha is worn it helps to strengthen the Moon and thereby helps to overcome stress, anxiety, depression, negative vibrations and better decision making. The two faced rudraksha costs about Rs.2500.

03 mukhi or Three-faced Rudraksha

3 mukhi

The three faced rudraksha represents the three Gods namely Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The ruling deity of three -faced rudraksha is Lord Agni and the ruling planet is Mars. When there is a malefic effect caused by the planet Mars in a person's horoscope then the three-faced rudraksha is advised by the expert astrologers. It helps the wearers to face any difficult situation and also to improve his or her level of confidence. Medically the three- faced rudraksha helps in treating blood pressure, diabetes, stomach problems, fever, cancer, regulating menstrual cycle and depression. Also when an individual adorns himself with the three-faced rudraksha they are showered with blessings like money, wisdom, power and knowledge. It is not very expensive as the above for it costs around Rs.400 only.

04 mukhi or Four-faced Rudraksha

4 mukhi

The ruling planet of the four- faced rudraksha is the planet Mercury and the four faces of the rudraksha denote the four stages of human life namely Brahmacharya, Grahastha, Vaanprastha and Sanyas. The creator of the Universe Lord Brahma is the ruling deity of the four-faced rudraksha. This rudraksha is highly effective for students for it helps in improving a person's intelligence level, balance of mind and speaking skills. The four-faced rudraksha is mainly worn by students, scientists, executives, and all those people who are in computers, electronics and communication line. It is also used as a remedy to those who have difficulty in speaking.

05 mukhi or Five-faced Rudraksha

5 mukhi

The five-faced rudraksha is the most commonly available one which represents the five elements of the human body namely earth, sky, water, fire and wind. When this is worn it helps the person in destroying the five sins namely the sexual desire, anger, intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food, attachment and ego. Jupiter is the ruling planet of the five-faced rudraksha so when there is a problem related to the Jupiter planet in a person's horoscope the five-faced rudraksha is advised to be worn. Apart from the astro remedies the five-faced rudraksha is also helpful in treating blood pressure, diabetes, piles, mental stress, obesity, heart problems, and dental and neuro problems. The five-faced rudraksha costs around Rs.400 and takes the pride of being blessed by Lord Shiva himself in the form of Kalagni Rudra.

06 mukhi or Six-faced Rudraksha

6 mukhi

The six faced rudraksha acts an astrological remedy for the malefic effects produced by the Venus planet. When this rudraksha is worn Goddess Lakshmi is pleased and she showers the blessings of wealth and prosperity on the individual. Lord Kartikeya, son of Lord Shiva is the ruling deity of the six-faced rudraksha. Lord Kartikeya being the chief of the celestial army when had worn the rudraksha became very courageous. Astrologically this rudraksha helps in improving marital life and to attain all worldly possession by enhancing our will power. Apart from the astro remedies it also helps in treating various medical problems like epilepsy, gynaecological problems, reproductive problems, urinary problems etc. This rudraksha costs around Rs. 800.

07 mukhi or Seven-faced Rudraksha

7 mukhi

Saturn is the ruling planet of the seven-faced rudraksha and each face is denoted by one divine snake which includes Anant, Taskhak, Karkotak, Pundareek, Vasohiban, Karoash and Shankchud. It is suggested by the astrologers to increase general wealth and prosperity and is strongly believed to bring in good luck, increased profits, financial security, creativity and enhanced intuition and to deal with malefic ill-effects caused by Saturn like Sade saati and Dhaiya. Apart from the astro remedies the medical benefits of this seven faced rudraksha is to treat diseases like impotency, foot diseases, respiratory disorders and chronic diseases. This rudraksha costs around Rs. 1,000.

08 mukhi or Eight-faced Rudraksha

8 mukhi

Rahu is the ruling planet of the eight-faced rudraksha and so it is recommended to be worn by those who have 'Sarpa Dosha' or the planet Rahu in the 5th House of the horoscope. The eight faces of the rudraksha denote the eight vasus, eight mothers and Ganga. The ruling deity of this rudraksha is Lord Ganesha who is known as 'The Vighnaharta' and when worn is said to remove all hindrances in life, helps in improving a person's intelligence by increasing his analytical skills. Medically it is used to treat nervous system disorders, stress, skin diseases, prostrate and gall bladder. It costs around Rs. 1,500.

09 mukhi or Nine-faced Rudraksha

9 mukhi

The ruling planet of the nine-faced rudraksha is Ketu and is governed by Goddess Durga.

The malefic effects of the planet Ketu is dealt to a certain limit by wearing this rudraksha.

When this is worn it is said to protect the wearer from all evil and harmful factors by making the individual fearless, stress-free, strong and confident.

Medically it helps to treat diseases related to lungs, fever, eye pain, urinal problems, bowel pain,

skin diseases, body pain, etc.

The nine faced rudraksha costs about Rs.3000.

10 mukhi or Ten-faced Rudraksha

10 mukhi

This rudraksha is not ruled by any specific planet but instead represents Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the entire universe. This rudraksha when worn by a person protects him and his entire family by showering the blessings of Lord Vishnu. Astrologically it acts as a remedy for those who are affected by Pitra Dosh. It is helpful in correcting Vastu dosha since Dosha Digpals bless this bead. It is helpful in facing and solving court cases, disputes and acts of enemy. This Rudraksha also nullifies black magic, evil eye, etc., and also controls anger. It costs around Rs.3100.

11 mukhi or Eleven-faced Rudraksha

11 mukhi

The eleven-faced rudraksha is also not governed by any planet but it represents Lord Hanuman who is noted for his courage, bravery and adventure. When a person is adorned with the eleven-faced rudraksha he is said to be astrologically blessed with courage, confidence, and strenght, wisdom, success and health. Other medical remedies with this rudraksha are body pains, backache, chronic alcoholism, and liver diseases. It costs about Rs. 4,400.

12 mukhi or twelve - faced Rudraksha

12 mukhi

The twelve-faced rudraksha is otherwise known as Dwadash-Aditya ruled by the nine planets and it is also highly blessed by the planet Sun. It is recommended by the astrologers for any issues related with the planet Sun. It acts as remedy for various illnesses like eyes, bones, mental anxiety, problems with elders and heart ailment. Apart from this it is said to bring about wealth and prosperity. Also the twelve-faced rudraksha helps in improving the administrative capacity of an individual and so it is recommended for businessmen, administrators, and Politicians who generally prefer to wear this to acquire name, fame, wealth and power. This rudraksha costs around Rs. 5,800

13 mukhi or Thirteen-faced Rudraksha

13 mukhi

The thirteen-faced rudraksha is ruled by the planet Venus and it signifies the King of Gods namely Lord Kamdev and Lord Indra. It is not easily available and very rare to find, hence it is also on the expensive side and costs about Rs. 12,000. It gives abundance of wealth and is recommended for artists, actors, leaders, politicians, marketing professionals and company's chief officers. Astrologically it acts as a remedy for psychiatric illness and sexual disorders.